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At 71, I finally decided to give up the 40hr work week, and try to enjoy a retired life. I found the listing for Camp Boomerang, quite by accident a year ago, but due to my work hours, could not make the trip over from east side of Michigan before their check in time limit. Decided, when I submitted my notice to retire to my employer, that I'd celebrate by finally visiting this new campgroud. I'd followed their progress in converting an old mobile home park, into the newer gay male, clothing optional, campground. My partner and I made our first trip over to Camp Boomerang for their OktoBEARfest weekend (Sept 1-2, 2022). Found the owners very pleasant, social and they made us feel very welcomed. We were told that they campground had lots of hiking trails scattered around and thru the trees, so spend a good portion of my free time exploring them. Most are illuminated at night by solar stake lights. There are a few paths that are illumanted with conventional mini-LED (110v/Christmas tree type) lights. So a flashlight is not a major requirement. Most interesting was the "back 40" playspace. They do provide a basic map of the campground, with a few of the trails showing, but it is not complete, so have fun exploring. While they don't have compuer Wi-Fi, internet on my smart phone worked great. While they aren't finished with the planned upgrades. There were a few pads for RV's that were still curing, and more are being planned, but was nice that there was no major contruction going on. I checked out the location on the desktop version of Google Earth, and went thru the historical pictures of the location. Google Earth does not (yet) have most recent satelite image, but one can see those images and then look at pictures on the Boomerang webpage to see how much work has been done. Can't wait to see how much expansion they have added next spring. Another pair of guys got married that weekend at the campground, and the reception afterward was excellent. More food than one could imagine, and the cocktails were nice, stiff, and cold. Pool was nice and warm, and hot tub very relaxing. We enjoyed ourselved so much, that we decided to go back for their Bon Voyage weekend Oct 21-23/2022. Even did the Bear Plung into the 58decree pool. Can't wait until next Spring, so I can renew my membership and make reservations. Happy Camping, All!

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