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The Worst Experience Ever – FILTHY and GROSS
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I'll keep this review as short as possibly while covering all the basics. * Most filthy campground we have ever attended. Dilapidated buildings, FILTHY bathrooms (and the bathhouse was new?!?!?). The cabin had visual dirt and filth EVERYWHERE. You can't touch anything that isn't filthy, sticky, dirty or otherwise. Not a single clean surface anywhere in the cabin. * Water is not potable on the premises. You have to bring your own drinking water. * The locals don't want the visitors there and the weekend crowd is there for adult activity purposes only. There is ZERO sense of community or inclusion. * NO cell service and next to zero Wifi. If you are planning to connect to the rest of the world, plan to drive into Bryan / College Station. It is a 45-minute one-way drive. * It's in the middle of no where with zero amenities. The "dishes" provided in the cabin were broken and filthy - tossed in a box of bugs and spiders on the floor of the cabin. The towels and bedding were filthy. * The locals "seasonal" people that live there full time have to do all the lawn and campground maintenance. To sum it up, we have zero items to feedback as positive. We left early, couldn't tolerate the filth.

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