Facebook Group Moderation Procedures

Facebook Admin Assist

We use an automated removal system provided by Facebook called Admin Assist.

Why was your post deleted you may ask? Well more than likely it was deleted by Facebook Admin Assist. We use Facebook Admin Assist to automatically delete ANY posts which match certain criteria. Note that Facebook does not provide this tool yet for comments, but it is coming.

These are global settings and there is no ability to make account-level exceptions. Not that we don’t want to for some of these, but because Facebook does not give us the actual ability to make those exceptions.

Automated Post Removal Criteria

Post has certain keywords.

If your post has any problem keywords (we set up 46 of them) it will be automatically removed. Those keywords are: /groups/, add me, add my, admin, admins, boomarang, boomer rang, boomerang, booty, butt, for a bottom, for a top, for a vers, hook up, hookup (yes we know this causes issues with some RV posts, sorry), i am a bottom, i am a top, i am vers, i’m a bottom, i’m a top, i’m vers, ig:, im a bottom, im a top, im vers, instagram, looking for a bf, looking for a boyfriend, looking for a husband, looking for a partner, looking for a relationship, looking for bf

Additionally, Facebook will auto remove posts which use common keywords they have judged to be spam or inappropriate.

Post has fewer than 10 characters.

If you just post a photo without a caption your post will be automatically deleted. You must type at least 10 characters for a post to be approved.

A common issue is if you SHARE something from a page or profile and you do not add 10 characters of text YOURSELF in your share it will also be deleted. The original caption in the shared content does not count toward the 10 characters.

Facebook account was created 1 month or less ago.

If you somehow make it into the group with a new Facebook account and try to post, your post will likely be automatically deleted – even if you are a real person and not a spammer that this normally prevents.

Sometimes Facebook’s definition of 1 month seems to be slightly longer than a month. If you find yourself not being able to post after 31 days – give it a bit more time.

Author does not have a profile picture.

No profile picture – no post. If you want to post you have to have a profile picture, otherwise your post will be automatically deleted.

Moderation Philosophy and Procedures

Our Moderation Philosophy

GCF doesn’t have a staff and it isn’t anyone’s full time job to moderate it. We get over 5,000 comments per day, 500 new members per day, and hundreds of posts per day. GCF is an environment that provides a space to share camping related content – but keep in mind that you are using this space for free and that we aren’t paid to provide any services to you.

For this reason these are our main philosophies regarding moderation process:

  • Reactive rather than proactive.
  • The risk of a few bad posts is worth many good posts being posted.
  • Automate as much moderation as possible.
  • Try to adapt automation as we continue to learn what works best.

Our Moderation Procedures

Posts are approved automatically.

That is – unless Facebook Admin Assist removes them. Yes, that means we do not screen posts before they are posted. If something timely needs to be posted it doesn’t need to wait for anyone to stop eating dinner to go through a list of posts that need to be reviewed. We feel like that risk of a post being spam or a violation of our rules is worth the benefit of being able to post constructive, on-topic posts in a timely manner.

We don’t see all the comments (or posts for that matter).

That’s right, the 200-500 posts per day in the group and over 5000 comments a day are not only not all pre-screened, they may not even be seen at all by an Admin or Moderator. We use a tool called Facebook Moderation Alerts that will automatically alert us to potential trouble Posts or Comments that use certain words or phrases and those are all reviewed. We also review ANY post or comment that has been REPORTED using Facebook’s Report to Admin feature that can be used by any member on any post or comment.

We use Facebook Moderation Alerts.

Facebook Moderation Alerts points out potential trouble posts or comments and queues them in a place for us to review. We set up the criteria for potential issues and Facebook does the rest. This tool is great for comments and has helped us find and weed out a lot of drama, discrimination, spam, and fake accounts within the GCF landscape.

We are alerted by 46 different words or phrases which alert us to potential issues in the following categories:

  • Spam including advertising other Facebook Groups, events, or websites.
  • Spam using common phrases from fake accounts and common spam country names.
  • Racism or Discrimination including every reference to “Black”, “African American”, “Trans”, “Tranny”, “Racist”, “Woman”, “Women”, “Welcomed”, “Welcome”, “Allowed”.
  • Spam including social media account shares and attempts to gain followers.
  • Common phrases used by members who are attempting to highlight undesired content or contact a moderator.

Each comment or post which matches these criteria is evaluated one by one to ensure that our rules are not broken.

We see and evaluate every REPORTED post or comment.

It takes everyone to clean up camp. As you stroll around GCF you may see a little trash laying around. Well don’t just stand there and complain about it, help us pick it up! We review each and every reported post or comment. Our administrators and moderators jump on every so often and see what may have been reported and each post or comment is read and dealt with.

Please, please, please report any comments or posts that you believe are inappropriate or need to be reviewed. This is the best way to alert us to remove it. Additionally, you can message the GCF page if you are unsure about how to report or want additional discussion.