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Gay Camping has been around for decades, but we are seeing a huge increase in its popularity due to people going to bars less, more remote work due to COVID-19, and a general need for people to reconnect with nature. Gay Camping Friends has seen a whirlwind of growth since it was first created in December of 2020. It is our mission to help gay campers meet each other, explore new places, and to lift up the gay camping industry in general.


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Campground Etiquette

15 Campground Etiquette Tips to be a Good Camper Do you want to be a good camper? Yes, you do. Here are 15 campground etiquette tips to help you get there. 1. Follow the Campground’s Rules Good campground etiquette begins with following campground rules. Campgrounds usually have posted rules which outline what that specific campground […]

10 Ways to be Prepared While Camping

There are many things you can do to be more prepared when camping. No we don’t mean THAT kind of prepared (this time). You never know when a storm may leave you stranded, a wrong turn will leave you lost, or a wild animal or bad person may force you to seek shelter away from […]

Does a Bear Douche in the Woods?

How to Keep Your Hole Clean While Camping So, your friends invite you to go to a gay campground for the weekend and promise all the things – food, vodka, hot guys, the great outdoors – and did I mention hot guys? After a day at camp you realize you ate one hot dog short […]

A Letter to Our Members

A Letter to Our Members Hello Friends! Four months ago, I started a Facebook group called Gay Camping Friends. After spending more than half of last year living full time in an RV I realized just how amazing camping and the camping culture really can be. Sharing the experience of camping with the community, promoting […]


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